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Welcome to Books on the Bosque!


     Books on the Bosque is an independent bookstore open in a nearly 4000 square foot space at Riverside Plaza on Coors just north of Montano. Books on the Bosque is the only bookstore in this expansive family-focused residential community. Our vision is to be an anchor for westside residents. We hope to be an extension of people’s homes, a safe space for kids and adults alike, where guests can spend time. Patrons can buy a book, read while drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a pastry, and play a board game while relaxing on comfortable couches. 


     The store is staffed by former librarians, teachers, and other bibliophiles who have spent many years working in bookstores. We develop and shape our book inventory on the interests of the community, provide quiet spaces to read or study, and foster social engagement while building connections through events and community partnerships. Books on the Bosque brings diverse offerings to a community that has a void of bookstores. 


     Books on the Bosque has a large inventory of new and used books. We sell new releases, best sellers, local authors and publishers, and books about New Mexico and the regions. We also sell merchandise such as unique gift items made by local artisans, reading accessories, learning games, journals, coloring books, puzzles, and more. 




     With twenty years of experience working on the Federal, State and Local levels, Deborah Condit is a leading provider of government relations on a broad range of issues.

     Deborah graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in print journalism. She began working on political campaigns in 2000 and has developed and maintained relationships with political, business, and community leaders from every corner of New Mexico and from divergent political alignments. With the experience gained as an analyst with the Legislative Tax & Revenue and Business & Industry Committees, she started her own consulting firm in 2005. She has effectively worked on many diverse and challenging issues specializing in government and community relations, issue management, coalition-building, and strategic communications. Deborah has earned a reputation for her ability to develop consensus among interest groups and individuals with differing agendas and interests. 

     Establishing Books on the Bosque on Albuquerque’s fast growing westside has been a dream of hers for over a decade. Her lifelong passion for reading, collecting, and sharing books has grown from a dream into an exciting new venture.

     Deborah’s vision has developed into a detailed business plan that includes professional market research and analysis, demographic studies, purchasing and sales trends, online sales, community involvement, and marketing and advertising strategies.

     Developing a unique, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for readers of all ages and providing a broad genre of literature to Albuquerque’s westside will create a distinctive alternative to the big box settings for students, avid readers, collectors, and researchers to consume and enjoy.

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